Gregory S. Hipwell


Acxiom Impact

Engagement Report Mockup (PDF 2.3 mb)
Initial concepts and final mockups for an interactive data analysis allowing marketers to see how their customers' engagement changes over time.

Touch Frequency Report Mockup (PDF 1.6 mb)
Initial concepts and final mockups for a data visualization that correlates five different variables to show marketers how the frequency of their mailings affects campaign performance.

Style Guide

Acxiom Style Guide & Visual Specifications (URL)
An update of the visual and interaction design for common UI components across Acxiom's products. This site shows the component specifications I created and then organized into a comprehensive style guide website on Acxiom's intranet. The primary aim of this effort was standardization and consistency across designers and teams.

Audience Operating System

Overlap Report Wireframes (PDF 1.1 mb)
Wireframes for a data visualization showing the amount of audience overlap between different online publishers.

Cross Channel Planner Wireframes (PDF 2.8 mb)
Wireframes detailing a new way of navigating a complex hierarchy of audience data attributes, select desired attributes, and see audience numbers by publisher.

Audience Manager UX Refresh (PDF 2.2 mb)
Instructions for quick and easy interface improvements given extremely tight time frames and limited resources. The product allows users to create audience by dragging data attributes from the right. See above for a more thorough redesign of a similar use case.

Rearden Commerce

Deem Purchase

Purchase Wireframes (PDF 4.2 mb)
Wireframes made for the launch of Deem Purchase, a service on the Deem platform for procuring business supplies.

Purchase Use Cases (PDF 300 kb)
A document created at the beginning of the Deem Purchase project to define the user flows, use cases, and general approach.

Travel Redesign

Travel Redesign Wireframes (PDF 5.8 mb)
Wireframes for the redesign of Deem@Work's Travel service, including the search experience for flights, hotels, and rental cars.

Mobile Hotel Booking

Mobile Hotel Wireframes (PDF 1.5 mb)
Wireframes for a project to make several updates and additions to the hotel booking section of Deem@Work's existing mobile app.


Mercury Insurance

Mercury High Level Architecture (PDF 2.6 mb)
A deliverable for the discovery phase for Mercury Insurance. Includes personas, high level site maps, workflows, and preliminary wireframes.

Mercury Preliminary Usability Research (PDF 2.8 mb)
The results of research conducted on Mercury's existing site and the sites of their competitors.

Mercury Buy Button Prototype (URL)
Interactive wireframes and HTML prototype created using Axure. They begin after the user has entered information to receive an insurance quote. I used these wireframes both to present the work to the client and for two rounds of usability testing.
Previous Rate Page (JPG) | Comps of Revised Rate Page (PNG)

Mercury SEO Wireframes (PDF 483 kb)
Wireframes created for and update to to implement search engine optimization recommendations.


BRAVIA Kiosk Wireflow (PDF 221 kb)
A high level overview of the current BRAVIA Kiosk that I helped build. It was installed in over 2000 retailers nationwide. This document is a combination of an application flow with a wireframe.

BRAVIA Kiosk Refresh (PDF 1 mb)
Wireframes presenting a revised experience after the kiosk mentioned above had been in the field for several months.

BRAVIA Kiosk Photograph (JPG 274 kb)
Photograph of the kiosk in the wild at a Best Buy store.


AdKeeper Usability Test Plan (PDF 70 kb)
The test plan for a series of moderated usability tests that I conducted to test the AdKeeper product.

AdKeeper Usability Test Report (PDF 270 kb)
The report and findings of the tests mentioned above. The deliverable to the client also included a 30 minute highlight reel of the tests.

AdKeeper Use Interface Recommendations (PDF 2.2 mb)
Recommendations from a usability audit of AdKeeper's keep button and website.

US Army

Army Proposal (PDF 209 kb)
A series of high level diagrams used to pitch the US Army ideas expanding Ignited's already successful Army Experience Center and Career Navigator kiosk.

Army Facebook Game Wireframes (PDF 5.9 mb)
A large wireframe document outlining an Army social role-playing game for Facebook.

Team One


Lexus Navigation Wireframes (PDF 451 kb)
Wireframes for an updated of the navigation and other components on Before and after screenshots of the designs are included.

Lexus Navigation Functional Specification (PDF 213 kb)
Functional specifications for the redesign of the navigation of referenced above.

Lexus BYL Redesign Wireframes (PDF 471 kb)
Wireframes for a proposed redesign of Lexus' car configurator.